Foundations for success

In our ever hectic lives we seldom take time to pause, reflect and reset. A building is only as strong as the foundation upon which it is built and likewise we should consider the foundations that we need to put in place for achieving success.

What we mean by this? We mean identifying those activities which we may not routinely do but, when we do, we gain appreciation of them bringing us to earth, they ground us.  For example, it is those activities that give you a sense of presence in the moment, that stop you in your tracks, and that just make you sit back, slow down and switch off to outside factors. I find that taking time out to have a cup of tea grounds me.  I am not talking about pop a teabag in the mug sort of tea but tea served in a teapot with a teacup in a quiet environment helps me take a moment, pause and reflect.  I find this then helps clarify my thoughts and builds a sense of purpose as to what I am going to achieve next.   Reflection is a key component of effective coaching be that executive coaching or coaching for performance.  Similar activities may be taking time out to have a soak in the bath with your favourite scent or it may be taking time to go for a walk.  The first step is to identify what these activities are and then consider how you can incorporate at least one of them into your day. 

How can activities such as these help us? Increasingly we are aware of the benefits of mindfulness and these are just another example of mindful activities which you can introduce into your day. If we don’t have these foundations to rely upon then, like a house which is built upon a poor foundation, we will struggle to find success or it will take us longer to achieve it.

If you would like to explore your foundations, what they mean to you, how they can help you and what you need to do to incorporate them effectively into your life then let’s connect.

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