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Executive Coaching & Career Coaching

Executive career coaching can cover many different aspects as each individual faces their own career journey.  It may be that you want to take that next step in the career ladder, have recently been promoted and feel out of your comfort zone or have been tasked with delivering a business strategy.  I can help you navigate these challenges so that you can achieve results for yourself and the business.

Mindset Coaching

Our mindset is a powerful tool which can influence many aspects of our lives be it in our working life, home life or pastimes.  Increasingly we are hearing how people have achieved success or overcome barriers by tapping into their mindset.  Working together we can elevate your mindset so that you too can be successful in what you want to accomplish.


Sessions can be either online or in person and at the start of the programme we establish what you want to achieve and then we work towards you achieving your goal using tools and questions to help you develop your solution.

Coaching isn’t about telling you what to do it’s about helping you find solutions and strategies which ensure that you achieve your goal.

Coaching is not done to you.  Coaching is your journey, at your pace with you being the heart of the coaching experience.

Sessions last 1 hour and we will agree a programme of sessions to suit you, your timeline and your goal.

We undertake a discovery call which is no obligation and free of charge.  During the call we discuss the goal that you want to address and from that we develop a coaching programme which will help you achieve your goal.

Coaching can significantly enrich your life but ultimately the outcome is dependent upon the effort which you put into achieving the goal both within and out with the sessions.

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Let’s connect and see how I can help you on your journey. Simply get in touch with me to schedule a discovery call which is no obligation and free of charge. 

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